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Summer Huber

Math Teacher

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(316) 775-5461

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About Me

Educational History:

Graduated from:

Ricks College(now BYU-Idaho), 2000, English

Utah State University, 2003, Mathematics Education, minor Chemistry Education 

Eastern Michigan University, 2008, Masters in Mathematics

Current Position:

Started teaching math at Augusta High School in 2019. 

Previous Position:

Taught mathematics at the college level before starting at Augusta High.  

Personal Information:

I’m married to a wonderful man, with 2 great boys, and 2 boy dogs- basically I’m surrounded by really cool boys! <3

Family at Temple

My purpose as your teacher is to guide and help you create a safe growth environment for everyone in our class. We should all be able to experience academic, social, physical, and emotional learning. There will be times that you struggle. This is normal in growth, but I guarantee that you will be proud of yourselves as you accomplish challenging tasks. We will work together and I will be there to help you along the way. NEVER BE AFRAID TO ASK A QUESTION- this is how you grow! It is likely that if you have that question, then someone else does too. Not to mention that I love your questions; it means you are following along and learning!


While we will spend plenty of time gathering and practicing skills necessary to conquer geometry and algebra, we will also spend time “learning how to learn.” We will sharpen our vocabulary and text reading skills. We will have opportunities to review math concepts we have learned up to this point. We will practice teaching each other, as everyone will have the opportunity to present and teach.  We will increase our math endurance this year. Einstein said:

We too will learn how to stay with problems longer. 


Each day we will start our class with bellwork to get us thinking about mathematics. Then we will spend time going over any questions that you had from the homework. Review and questions are essential to the learning process. We will work together and separately in this class. We will spend time each day going over new ideas and then have time to practice some of those ideas in class. Homework will be due daily, but you will have time to ask questions in class too.


Summer Huber

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Classroom Number:
School Phone:
(316) 775-5461